Vision Illumination

Do you have an Image Problem?
Our machine vision systems are becoming smarter with the advent of filtering tools, but a software algorithm will never be able to detect flawed parts at 100% accuracy without a quality image to inspect. Relying on software to compensate for missing or inaccurate data increases your margin of error dramatically and you will have an image problem!

IMV’s 1st Rule of Machine Vision:
The choice of the correct lighting component determines essentially the reliability of the overall system.

At Irish Machine Vision we understand the vital importance of choosing the correct light source in order to acquire the best image for your application.

Our success is built upon focusing on quality machine vision illumination and lighting for the factory floor. Our goal is to become your trusted machine vision technology integrator and developer of machine vision technology by partnering with the world’s leading vision lighting companies.

Illumination Machine Vision
Lighting For Every Scenario

  • Ring
  • Backlight
  • Line lighting
  • Bright field
  • Dark field
  • Tele-centric
  • LED
  • Hi frequency fluorescent
  • Cloudy Day
  • DOAL- diffuse on axis
  • Bespoke lighting

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