TroublePad is an adaptive high speed camera system for industrial monitoring.

High-speed camera for production lines.

TroublePad is a high-speed camera solution that enables the identification of production line improvement points. It can be used alongside your existing industrial monitoring system. Easy to use and intuitive, our ultra-portable high-speed camera system was created with industrial maintenance in mind. It will enable you to diagnose and understand the anomalies and defects in your production line and high-speed machinery.

The TroublePad is aimed at industries that run production lines, such as the food industry, cosmetics, packaging or pharmaceuticals, etc.

Easy to install, practical to use

The result of cooperation between our R&D teams and our clients’ maintenance personnel, the TroublePad is designed to take the headache out of industrial process maintenance and optimisation. This ultra compact solution includes an high speed camera , touch screen tablet and attachment arm. It can be set up in a few seconds, even in the most confined spaces. It is completely mobile thanks to its inbuilt lighting, requiring no electrical power supply or cumbersome cables…

A self-contained, high speed, intuitive camera.

The TroublePad comes with pre-installed software on its touchscreen tablet. Its user-friendly interface enables you to set up recordings, monitor live images and access sequence logs. The TroublePad is a high precision intelligent device. You can adjust recording speed and create long loop recordings. The (optional) Trigger box enables you to pilot the system: start and stop recording, mark key images, include a few seconds before and after the signal from your sensors…

Technical specifications

The TroublePad can handle speeds ranging from 225 to 2500 frames per second. It comes with a LED light housing, which can be powered by batteries. Our system also includes a 12-inch tablet, with 8Gb RAM and a 256 Gb SSD hard disk, along with its protective casing and shoulder strap.